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Who We Are

We are the voice of the transportation fuels industry

The Canadian Fuels Association represents the industry that supplies 95 percent of Canada’s transportation fuels.  We are uniquely positioned as experts on the complex issues surrounding Canada’s transportation fuels future. For years, our members have been active in a number of policy areas and public outreach activities, providing expertise, information and analysis, and practical insight that supports informed decision-making. We are committed to engaging openly and honestly with decision makers, stakeholders and the public.

Our goal is a policy environment that enables decisions based on solid evidence—and that provides decision makers with a full understanding of policy options and their implications, including unintended consequences.

As Canada’s fuels leaders we engage all levels of government—federal, provincial, and municipal—with a focus on environment, health and safety policy, and regulation.  We are proactive in seeking a ‘convergence of interests’ where the policy objectives of government can be achieved without affecting Canadians’ access to a secure, reliable and competitively priced supply of fit-for-purpose fuels.